Issue Types Library

Issue Types Library includes a very long list of possible issue brief descriptions that you can Activate/Deactivate for each project.

You can access this list by following the below steps:

1) Make sure you are logged-in to the right project using the Web Dashboard of the Onsite System.

2) Only if you are logged-in with "Project Admin" privileges will you be able to see the "Setup" menu item on the left.

3) Click on "Setup" 

4) Click on the "Issue Types Library" sub-menu item under the "Setup" main menu item

5) To add a new issue type, click on the "Add New Type" button on the top right side and a new popup modal will open to choose the issue category and insert the new type name

6) To manage the issue categories, click on the "Manage Categories" button on the top right side and a new popup modal will open with the list of all the categories and the ability to Activate/Deactivate each category

7) The list of all the issue types is listed. Clicking on the "+" sign  opens the issues available under this issue category.

8) You can Activate/Deactivate any Issue Type by simply clicking next to it on the "Activate/Deactivate" button accordingly.

9) You can add a new item under each type by clicking on "Add New Item" button when expanding the list of items for any type. A new popup modal will open with the ability to insert the issue item description

Note: updates on the Issue Types Library are only applied per project.

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