On the left side of the website you will find the menu.

It is possible to hide and show the menu, to use the whole screen. To show / hide the menu, you can click on the three stripes on the left 

The menu contains the following items:

  1. Plans- Here you can view the issues and inspections on the drawings like on the app (Web - Plan Viewer)
  2. Project Overview: Here you can find the Project Overview analysis (Web - Project Overview)
  3. Reporting - Here you can find all the issues, filter them, view their history, and many other actions… (web - Reporting)
  4. Area Signoff / RFIs - Here you can find info about the locations that are signed-off or ready for inspection and you can sign off a location as well (Web - Room / Area Signoff)
  5. Summary By Area - Here you can find the summary of the issues by status and locations.
  6. Business Intelligence – Here you can all kinds of graphics based on the project data (Web - Business Intelligence)
  7. Setup                                                                                                                                 menu_1.PNG
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