iOS - Filtering Issues

To filter the issues you are viewing on any plan:

  1. Login to the project you are using (check Login section)
  2. Simply click on the  button on the top right side of the screen. A menu is displayed.filtering_1.jpg
  3. You can click on any of the criteria listed to view its more detailed filtering options.
  4. For example: clicking on the “Status” filter criteria will uncover a new list containing all the statuses you can use to filter. filtering_2.jpg                                                           
  5. To remove or cancel a particular filter, simply navigate back to the criteria and option under it using the same steps listed previously and click again on each.
  6. You can also remove or cancel all filters for a particular criterion by clicking the filter filtering_btn_1.png  button and then the “red X”  filtering_btn_2.pngbutton next to that criterion.
  7. Multi-filtering is enabled, in other words, you can filter from different types of criteria and/or from different options under each criterion at the same time in order to have a better visual experience or simply find the issues of interest.      filtering_3.jpg                                              
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