iOS - Scan Barcode

To scan a barcode from the Onsite iOS APP:

  1. Open the Onsite iOS APP (make sure the APP was installed from the iOS store: “Onsite Pro”)
  2. Make sure you have added a new project and download has completed (check Add Project)
  3. Login to the project you are using (check Login section)
  4. Click on the bottom right button barcode_btn_1.jpg 
  5. Point the device (iPad, iPhone,…) camera towards the barcode you want to scan
  6. Onsite APP’s will take you to the related plans’ location or return an error
  7. In case of an error, please make sure that your project is synchronized with the Onsite servers to ensure that the latest data is available for usage on your device.

Note: Barcodes can be easily generated through Onsite System’s website. You can print these labels on sticky papers and place them on the doors or walls of each location of your project.

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