iOS - Add a Location

Locations determine what area of the project the Issue or form belongs to. A location can determine a unique room.  When adding an Issue, it will be automatically attached to the current location/room/plan

Adding locations is recommended to be done at the beginning of the project, throughout all plans so that issues and inspections can be added to all areas.

To add a Location on the Onsite iOS APP:

  • Click on the “+” button mceclip1.png  located  at the bottom right of your screen
  • An “X” shaped bi-directional arrows icon mceclip2.png appears on the screen along with a “-“ and “+” sign showing on its sides. Click “+” to confirm its location or “-“ to cancel adding it.
  • After clicking the “+” sign, a small form appears where you need to fill in the Name of the Location and a short description of it for later reference.


  • After filling the information, click “Save” (top-left area of the pop-up window).
  • The “X” shaped bi-directional arrows icon changes color to Red .
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