iOS - Add Project

To add a project on the Onsite iOS APP:

  • Make sure you are connected to the internet
  • Open the Onsite iOS APP (make sure the APP was installed from the iOS store: “Onsite 2.0”)
  • Click on the “+” sign or the “Select Project“ button on the main screen (middle)
  • Click “Add new project”
  • Enter project details provided by your administrator:
    1. Enter the URL of your project
    2. Enter your username and password (this must already be set up on the system)
    3. Choose “Remember me” if you wish the system to remember your credentials for later logins.
    4. Click "Save"
  • Wait until the Project is fully downloaded on your device (a progress bar indicates download percentage completed)
  • Select your new project name from the list displayed on the main screen
  • Enter your username and password to view project details



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