iOS - Add Issue

To add an Issue on the Onsite iOS APP:

  1. Drill-down to the area you want to add the issue on (check drill-down)
  2. Click on a location add_issue_btn_1.png (check Add a Location)
  3. If you clicked on a location, a menu will appear. Click “Add Issue”. Otherwise, if you clicked on the “+” sign on the bottom right, proceed to the next step.
  4. A new issue icon add_issue_btn_2.png will appear on the map
  5. Click anywhere on the map to move the issue to that exact location
  6. Click “+” on the icon to confirm its location or “-“ to cancel adding it
  7. After clicking “+” on the icon add_issue_btn_2__1_.png, a new form is displayed allowing you to enter the Issue details. add_issue_1.png.jpg
  8. Choose the category, type, details, priority, due date, etc to complete the issue details.
  9. You can also click on the “Add Image” button on the top in order to connect to your device’s camera and take pictures that would be attached automatically to the issue details or simply select photos from your devices’ Photo Gallery. (also check “Marking-up an issue Image”) add_issue_2.jpg
  10. Click “Save“ (top right corner). The issue is then visible on the map in the location selected. Clicking on it will show you a summary of the details added.add_issue_3.jpg
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