iOS - Synchronization

Synchronization refers to the process which gathers all the new activity completed on your device and updates the main project repository (DB) with it. This enables all involved users to have updated information to use in their communication and reporting. 

We recommend you synchronize your devices before using them and just after you have completed any new activity on the device. This process will ensure that work is completed on up-to-date project data.

To synchronize your device:

  1. Simply click on the inverted-arrows sync_btn_1.png  button on the top rightsync_1.jpg
  2. A window appears. Click on the “Sync Now” button located at the bottom of the window.
  3. Keep the application open and make sure you have a working internet connection to complete this sync.
  4. When completed, each of the blue icons sync_btn_2.png will turn green sync_btn_3.png  indicating successful completion of the sync process.
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