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To access the Onsite App’s main menu:

  1. Open the Onsite iOS APP (make sure the APP was installed from the iOS store: “Onsite Pro”)
  2. Make sure you have added a new project and download has completed (check Add Project)
  3. Login to the project you are using (check Login section)
  4. Click on the “burger button” (three horizontal lines) on the top left cornermenu_1.jpg
  5. A menu list is shown with the following items:
    • Plans: click on this item if you want to access a particular plan/location directly instead of drilling-down on the map. A submenu appears providing the different locations you can access directly. Clicking on any location will lead you automatically to its view.
      Note: Make sure to scroll down on the submenu to view all locations available.menu_2.jpg
    • Dashboard: clicking on this item will open automatically a report, visually formatted as a “board”, listing the latest issues added and updated. You can search for a particular issue by clicking on the “loop” (search) button at the top right and entering the issue number.menu_3.jpg
    • Activity: clicking on this item will open a submenu listing in chronological order the latest updates you have access to for this particular project. Clicking on any listed update will open automatically the issue details and its related location.menu_4.jpg
    • Settings: clicking on this item will open a submenu containing the project settings (URL, username, password and “Remember me” setting) which you can edit in the same interface. In addition to these settings, and only for “Advanced users”, you can “Upload DB manually”. This option is only used in extreme cases where APP synchronization failed caused by a major crash or miss-usage of the system.menu_5.jpg
    • Support: click on this item to check the online documentation of Onsite APP.
    • Logout: click on this item to logout from current project.menu_6__1_.jpg
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